Software Engineer: Data

Come and build great software at a startup delivering exceptional FMCG / CPG research & data products.***Short Term:*We need to build out our data engineering processes and develop internal APIs to connect the data we have (billions of rows from retailers in Snowflake, assorted semi-structured data that needs to go into ElasticSearch) with the productions that we’re shipping.***Longer-Term:*Grow with us and ship amazing data products doing it. There’s a clear path and opportunities to grow from wherever you are now to senior-lead engineer and a whole range of software challenges, not limited to:* Aggregated product search (various sources into ElasticSearch, scored based on context)* ML & heuristics for inferring product data & attributes* Loads of data engineering to bring onboard new clients (big FMCG Retailers and Brands)* A definition of a more comprehensive ETL process (introduce Airflow / Prefect / similar)* Developing analytical reporting and tools to bring sophisticated analysis (let’s start with regression, but there’s some great stuff to be done)***Work with Great Tools:** Python* SQL* Typescript* Postgres* Jupyter Notebooks (Colab)* Snowflake* Redis* GraphQL (Typescript / Apollo)* Docker* Pulumi* Kubernetes* CI/CD (GitHub Actions)***Work with Great People:*We’re a small, high-performance team who care about what we’re working on and each other. Your commercial colleagues will be ready and excited to put the products we ship in front of huge international clients such as Heinz, Mars and Tesco as well as relax and have some fun together to celebrate our achievements.***Things We’ll Need From You:** A desire and ability to build great software products* An ability to perform in a semi/unstructured working environment* To talk directly to the people using the software we build and empathise with their issues to prioritise our work* An appreciation for the longer-term impact of the decisions being made now: the data engineering decisions being made now have to set us up for success in the years to come* To be able to provide and receive clear and honest communication* A broad sense of responsibility - it’s a startup: nothing is someone else’s job***Other Relevant Information:** A balance of WFH/Office, based on whatever you prefer* There are no minimum years of experience nor few strict requirements other than you just being really good at shipping software, plus you’re not expected to know everything from day one* We’d like you to start ASAP* Our revenue grew 158% in 2021, which was a pretty crazy year* We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to people of all backgrounds* If you’re an agency, please don’t interpret this as an invitation to try and sell us your services. We’re not going to outsource our company’s core technology* We need someone who has the right to work in the UK-* Autonomy and power over products that sit at the core of this startup.* A flexible working environment - as long as the results are getting delivered, just figure out a schedule that works for you.* A good salary, pencilled in at GBP 70-90k based on ability, can be traded off against equity depending on what you want.* Share options with fair terms.* An end of year performance-based bonus.* As little bureaucracy as we can get away with (but no less).* Standard benefits like pension etc.* The best equipment we can buy you (an M-series MBP).* The clearest and most transparent communication we can manage at all times.* An experience: working at a startup should be exciting and this should be no exception.* Opportunities to travel to meet clients nationally/internationally.* A similar bonus structure as the sales team if you make an introduction to a big FMCG customer that turns into a sale.* Something missing? Please let us know.* Get in contact with your details here, email or find me on LinkedIn - [](* 20-30 minute video chat* 45-minute technical review (either a take-home task we can provide or one you’ve done recently in order to save you the time and effort)* 60-minute technical interview over screenshare/* One final conversation to answer any outstanding questions that you or we may have* Job offerPython, Snowflake, Data Warehousing, ETLPython, Snowflake, Docker, Jupyter, Typescript, Pandas, Numpy

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